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Our OKC Dental Marketing offering is centered on our two great websites which are highly ranked on Google search for keywords like Implants, Top Dentist, Best Dentist, Dentures, Dentist Near Me, and Best Cosmetic Dentist OKC. The websites are OKC Top Dentist and OKC Dental Implants. Dentists and periodontists who want to join either page become members of the respective page. Use our contact info at bottom to call us. Our Oklahoma City Dental Marketing also offers services that go beyond simply posting on our popular Okc dental implant websites.Read on to learn more about other things were doing for dental marketing in OKC.  

Among several areas of OKC dental marketing expertise weare familiar with building websites and getting them to the top of Google by personally doing the search engine optimization. I'm also skilled with creating boosted Facebook ads which are in my opinion the second best thing a business can do. I'm able to do these things by request. But the #1 best action a business can take is to properly handle Google Maps. Knowing this is why my first priority is Google Maps. It is more important than a website in many situations. Many small businesses may not even need a website if they do Google Maps right!

Don't underestimate the power of Google Maps and ranking competitively among other like businesses. I know what it takes and help dentists achieve it. The Google Maps page for a business is called a "Places Page" If you are a new dental office wanting to create a Places Page or an established practice interested in making the most of online dental marketing their is no single better avenue than Google Maps. Enlisting someone with the equipment, experience, and knowledge to regularly manage this saves you the time and hassle of learning how, purchasing equipment, and keeping up with it. 


Helping Great Local Dentists


More than just OKC Dental Website exposure.

Part of what we do as a top notch Oklahoma City dental marketing consultant certainly is welcoming you to our own web pages. Other methods to help market great local businesses support the great things we can help do for your Google  Maps. This may include building a great website like OkcTopDentist. Whether we build a site for you a or not, often times we will employ back links within our various content as well as using other SEO methods to rank high.

We may even request that a business who has a website already help us by back linking to us.  

We also utilize Facebook boosted posts through our FB business page and posts on our OKC Dental Implants Google Maps Page and Google Maps Manager+Marketing OKC.  Our strategic marketing is custom fit and depends on each businesses unique objectives.

Google Maps performance

We can properly manage your dental offices Google Maps Page

Taking care of your Google Maps Places Page is perhaps the most important yet often overlooked marketing tool an Okc dental marketing consultant can optimize to compete and stay relevant within the category. 

Be A Google Maps Leader

Getting to and staying at the top of Google Maps involves several regular tasks including monthly upkeep. When a business adds us as a Google Maps Manager we can help with the time consuming yet important details. Being near the top of Google Maps also means a business is near the top of the Google search engine since Google Maps populates at the top of Google search.

Google ads alone may not be enough

Running ads which populate at the top of Google search and Google Maps is a very costly form dental marketing and these ads are often skipped over by consumers who do not want to see an ad. This is called paid advertising which is short lived. Our approach is called "Organic" which brings a business higher in search naturally and is sustainable without continuing to spend money for ads.


What it Takes to be a Trusted Street View Photographer

 Our photos meet the criteria for image quality, connectivity, and appropriateness required when uploading as a Google Street View trusted photographer. This includes the popular virtual tours.



OKC Dental Marketing

Becoming a dentistry leader on Google ly

Initially sometimes we create a virtual tour using a panoramic camera. Then do a 30 second edited video and may at your request include a voice-over and / or background music. Yes you can have a mini commercial right on your  Google Maps page! Of course other photos are taken that will be used to keep your page fresh on a monthly basis. Generally I'm returning at 3 month intervals to get more photos and talk about your Google Maps performance as well as any customer reviews not yet discussed. 

 Responding to reviews is for not only for building a positive online presence, but to encourage other consumers to leave feedback and engage with your business. When reviews are answered the response is tailored to your objective. Responding to positive reviews is just as important as responding to negative reviews. Some may ask we respond to a negative review by simply apologizing while others may request that we ask them to contact the business in order to remedy the problem. It is important to respond to reviews. It shows others reading the reviews that a business cares enough to communicate and is trying to improve. As a marketing specialist it is also my opinion that this activity is favorable for the Google algorithm. I'll keep you informed of all reviews so that you'll be able to use this feedback.

The post feature is a very good way to share information about specials, events, and other announcements. We create and add a monthly post or more by request. If you have content to share that's great. We will post and take photos based on that. If your not sure what to post then we will assist in coming up with engaging material.

In my expert opinion being active on Google Maps by doing all of this and getting as many positive reviews and customer photo adds as possible means a business will rank higher. The Google algorithm is complicated and changes with time so in order not to make a false claim I avoid stating factually that a business will achieve the #1 spot on Google Maps. What I'll say is that whether a business chooses me as a Google Maps Manager or not it has been my experience that a high level of attention and know how helps businesses rank higher. The benefit of hiring me is not only will you be free to focus on other areas of your business but that I'll take advantage of all the features consistently and in turn keep it active. I'll also offer helpful advice that is exclusively reserved for those who I'm personally assisting. Contact us for dental marketing in Oklahoma City today. The sooner we get started, the faster we can start the process of ranking up!

Rise Up Naturally

 My approach is called "Organic" which brings a business higher in search naturally and is sustainable without continuing to pay large amounts of money for ads 

More about Google Maps Dental Marketing OKC

Google Maps post

Google Maps Posts

Google Maps offers business owners and those approved to help manage their Places Page through the Google My Business platform an opportunity to post information about events, specials, whats new, and other relevant information about the business. These posts show up in various areas within Google. This gives your business another great way to keep customers informed and put your name out in front of the crowd.

"Follow Us" And Responding To Reviews

The "follow us" button is a recent addition we are excited about. This means that those who follow a business will receive notices when a post or new photos are added by your Google Maps Manager. When someone reviews your business we reply by answering in a professional manner. One of the ways we show our professionalism is by answering the review without a protracted response. We typically say for example " “The team here at Dental Services Group is thrilled to hear such good feedback and we’re proud to be the Top Oklahoma City dentist" or  "I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact me at [phone number / email] "  sometimes we may even add a little marketing to a review response “Did you know we just started a free appetizer card?” 


Posting Photos And Video

As a professional photographer I'm perfectly aligned with Google Maps biggest feature of all. I'll personally photograph your business and even use aerial photos by a state of the art drone when applicable. Google Maps allows us to post short videos that we edit to your liking. Our objective is to add two new photos each month.

Connected 360 photos

Recognized as a Google Trusted Photographer. I'll do connected 360 photos as an excellent virtual tour addition that's featured in the header of a Google Maps page.

Share Performance Data With Business Owner

During my quarterly visit I'll show you how your Google Maps listing has  performed in each of the last three months.This includes the search views which is the number of times a business was visible on the Google search engine when someone typed in a relevant keyword and the Maps views which indicates the number of times it populated when someone searched within the Google Maps platform. Other insights such as photo views and how your business compares to other like businesses are shown to you also.

Staying Active

A common mistake is that some will add a cluster of photos all at once as opposed to a steady flow of photos month after month. We do not recommend a set it and forget it strategy because traditionally a web pages of any kind rank higher by updating on a regular basis. This method also applies to posts we create as well as reviews responses. As an experienced web master, photographer, and Google Maps Manager using best known practice to help you rank higher is what we do. 

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