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Oklahoma City Dentist

 What you deserve is dental care that is compassionate, comfortable, and  affordable. At Keith E. Gibson DDS, General, Restorative, Implant, and Denture Dentistry,  you get all this and more. Dr Gibson believes in providing top-quality, honorable dentistry in an setting where your individual needs are always primary.

General Dentistry

Oklahoma City Dentist Dr. Gibson has stood by his patients and continued to take on all types of dental procedures from whitening, root canals, extractions, crowns, to implants and dentures he is standing tall at a time when so many other dentists have began to specialize. Dr. Gibson DDS believes in doing his best to serve all great Oklahoman's without regard to the current insurance crisis that has affected many people. 


 Keith E. Gibson DDS is a pioneer of denture advancements. He has perfected his own style of personally handcrafting false teeth. Dr. Gibson also often implements a wonderful denture solution that utilizes under denture implants. These partial implants allow for a better fit and bite and can be done in stages thereby allowing a patient the option of building progress gradually and affordably. 

Sharing With Community

Dr. Gibson DDS spends his free time helping others and participates in bettering his community by helping with Meals on Wheels America, Over 8.5 million senior citizens are threatened by hunger, and millions of seniors live alone without assistance. With this demographic expected to multiply two fold by  2060, Dr. Gibson promotes helping and asks that all of us consider joining a new generation of volunteers. Volunteer with Meals on Wheels today. 

The Team

  With the help of Dr. Gibsons skilled team, you will experience the quality of life that comes with excellent oral health and a more brilliant, beautiful looking smile.  

Awarded Top Dentist 2018

Awarded Top Oklahoma City Dentist in 2018. Recognized as Best Oklahoma City Dentist by NwOkcnow, Dr. Gibson is honored to have been awarded this prestigious accolade.  

Free Whitening Gel

Dr. Gibson provides free whitening gel with all custom Night Guards. Night Guards protect teeth from night time grinding and are often covered by insurance. Using the complimentary whitening gel you can brighten your smile while also protecting your teeth. 

Not Just Your Typical Okc Dentist

 Dr. Gibson loves to help with the more simple facets of dentistry but also relishes taking on more advanced procedures. As a Keith E. Gibson DDS patient, you can rest assured that your periodontal, restorative, and implant dental needs will be carefully treated with expert effectiveness and the best products available. 

The historically significant Oklahoma City dentist office of Dr. Keith E. Gibson DDS shown in this video has been recently remodeled. Dr. Gibsons highly advanced Okc dental practice featuring up to date technology reflects his attendance at multiple yearly continuing education classes. keeping up with the latest techniques and advancements in the field of dentistry.