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 I'm Tag Master, As an administrator for several websites and 28 years experience playing dice and roulette I'm gathering information about craps and roulette in Oklahoma and sharing it here along with valuable tips and strategies that can be helpful to both novice and more seasoned players alike. Craps is an exciting and sometimes emotional game. Some casinos have nicer crews who operate the Oklahoma City dice tables than others. Without regard to a persons sentiment about the crew it is best to take it all in stride and even tip them as you may find hidden benefits when toking them. A casino is a place where good karma is important so why not throw the cage or housekeeping a few dollars as well! Craps is the only hands on game in which you have physical contact with instruments used to decide the outcome. I'm pleased that Craps And Roulette can now be played in Oklahoma.  Gambling is entertainment. It is important to understand that gambling comes with substantial risk. If you play a lottery, a casino game, bet on a horse race or sport it is important to set limits. 

Problem gambling can hurt relationships, finances, and health. This is why it’s important to gamble safe.


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Where To Play Craps And Roulette In Oklahoma


Tonkawa Hotel And Casino

One of our favorite places to play craps. The Tonkawa Hotel And Casino in Tonkawa Oklahoma is a top Oklahoma City No Ante Craps (dice) Roulette destination. Only an hour North of OKC on Interstate 35. the Tonkawa Hotel And Casino will usually open a Roulette table for you during evening hours even when it is slow. You can roll the dice on the brand new craps table evenings from 4 P.M. to Midnight with extended hours on Friday and Saturdays. Monday may not offer craps unless a greater number of people than usual want to play.Hop bets are allowed and the crew does a great job keeping the dice moving without undue delay. It is really an exciting and different experience when playing dice at the quaint Tonkawa Indian casino as opposed to larger and more commercialized casinos that can tend to break up a players hot streak. The entire employee base at the Tonkawa is friendly,helpful, and inviting. Monday is $10.99 New York Strip (regularly $20). The Hotel is in excellent condition and features suites by the heated pool (seasonal). You get a free made to order breakfast when staying at the hotel. Overall this is one of the best places we have found near Oklahoma City to stay and play Dice and Roulette albeit a bit more far than other casinos. 

The Grand Casino Hotel & Resort

Not recommended to play craps here- Read why at bottom of description.

The Grand Casino Hotel & Resort in Shawnee Oklahoma features Craps with No Ante Sunday thru Thursday.

Roulette plays in the evening and may close around Midnight- Roulette is no ante from 12 A.M. Sunday until 12 A.M. Thursday

The Craps game usually plays form 6P.M. until 1:45 A.M.   The hotel is very nice and has a great upper deck pool as well as other amenities.  *note- the Boxman on all of our last visits has been unfriendly and has required us to be betting during the rotation in order to shoot the dice when it came our turn to roll. He also denied us a $! bet on all the hard ways claiming the table minimum of $5. On our must recent visit they rudely implemented a 7 second cut off time in which it was demanded of us that we roll the dice within 7 seconds of the time they are given to us. For a veteran dice shooter with arthritis this is unreasonable. If a casino has a problem with setting the dice they could simply disallow it. It seems they only make an issue when someone has a penchant for setting and winning.  It is understood that rules are in place to protect both the players and the casino however the majority of casinos in Oklahoma are less crappy about craps. *No hop bets allowed

The hotel is very nice and has a great upper deck pool as well as other impressive amenities and dining options.

Riverwind Casino

Riverwind Casino in Norman Oklahoma operates a Craps table that charges an Ante.  Either because of crowd size, intentionally, or due to lack of dealer experience the game moved slow on our last visit and dice stalled for what seems an excessive amount of time. For this near Oklahoma City Dice and Roulette game the big drawback is the $1 ante on every come out roll or spin of the wheel. For craps this means paying another ante every time a 7 or 11 rolls on the come out which basically means a natural come out winner only pays 4$ on a $5 bet. It's a huge fiscal drawback that adds up big over time. In an hours time you might average about $12 or more in antes.  *No hop bets allowed

Newcastle Casino

The Newcastle Casino in Newcastle Oklahoma has roulette and is in the process of opening a craps table. 

Hardrock Casino And Hotel Tulsa

The Hardrock Casino And hotel In Tulsa Oklahoma. Roulette available- Craps game operates from Noon until as late as 2 A.M. depending on crowd size. Open until 4A.M. on weekends. Ante Is Required 

Choctaw Casino And Hotel And The Winstar Casino Hotel

The Choctaw Casino And Hotel in Durant Oklahoma and The Winstar Casino Hotel in Thackerville Oklahoma both have Craps and Roulette. Ante Is Required 

* It is unverified however our reports indicate that Winstar has a Shoot to Win Craps Machine

*Choctaw claims to allow hop bets


Kansas Star Casino

The Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane Kansas is a great No Ante Craps venue. Also featuring Roulette, Shoot To Win Craps, An automated Roulette wheel, and Bonus Craps. Hop Bets are allowed. The connected Hampton Inn has a wonderful free breakfast for guests from 6 A.M. to 10 A.M. and heated pool with a jacuzzi

7 Clans First Council Casino Hotel

 The 7 Clans First Council Casino Hotel in Newkirk Oklahoma features Craps With No Ante- A very nice Casino and hotel that has been newly renovated. The Hotel is in the process of building a water park for its guests to enjoy. Craps starts at Noon and runs until Midnight on the weekends it starts about Noon and if enough players are present will stay open until 4 or even 6 A.M. 

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New Tips and Roulette Strategy

A couple of things worth mentioning that some learn quicker than others 1) Sometimes it is possible to lose more than we should and end up bouncing back big time. In general though it is better to play through a small portion of your bank roll and then leave that game for a while if your not winning. You can get a drink or play another game and come back. The best way we have found to play is to get off to a good start and try to make it a situation in which you are playing on the houses money. 2) Know how and when to stop. Many cannot break away from the game while they are ahead. Sure you might earn 10 times more by continuing but you might give it all back. When you are well ahead and feel like it was a fair win say to yourself "one more try,and if i lose I'm out" then if you lose leave. For example if a person starts with $100 and has a profit of $300 for a total of a $400 that is very good. It takes discipline and or experience to get comfortable with this philosophy and what's enough for you. The casino prefers you learn the hard way, try not to let that happen.


A great Roulette strategy: Pick 8 numbers and place 2$ on each. If none hit after 3 spins it is a fail-walk away,

If one of those hit in the first 3 spins then go to $3,$4,or,$5 on some of your number but not all. Just mix it up betting amounts varying from $2  to $5 on your numbers. As long as your hitting every other spin or so you will do well. you can increase some, maybe a few bucks like all the way to $8 but do not get carried away. Keep it in the lower range. As a smaller better split the strategy in half. as a larger better double it etc. Refer to the above paragraph about quitting while ahead if your doing well and miss a spin that may be your cue to go. If you lose on 2 spins after a good session it is certainly time to get out of dodge.    

Shoot To Win Craps

Shoot To Win Craps

An exciting and interesting way to play Craps is becoming more popular, Shoot to Win sometimes also called Bubble Craps is available at the Kansas Star Casino a short 2 hour drive from Oklahoma City. Everyone who places a Pass Line bet gets a chance to roll the dice when it is their turn by pushing a button. Bet minimum at the Kansas star is 1$ and the max is 5000$. 

The game seemed to be perfectly fair and with the lower minimum bet it gives the player more of a chance to get into the flow of the game without over extending yourself early on. Many find this to be more preferable and winnable than the tables. 

Oklahoma Shoot To Win Craps/Bubble Craps Strategy:

 Here is how we have done well playing Shoot To Win Craps-

1.Do not bet the Pass Line unless it is your roll

2.Place the 6 & 8 for $3 each. (If the point is 6 or 8 and your not rolling then do not place that number -just click the Pass Line for $3 and take 3$ odds behind the Pass Line) Yes you can bet the Pass Line with odds after the point is established! If you are rolling bet $3 and when 6 or 8 is the point their is no need to place it. Just add 3$ odds. if any other number is point your stuck with it and should add $3 odds 

3. Put $2 on the field every roll. (stop betting field if it is just not winning very often at all)

* Our preference is $2 and3$ as described above however the minimum is $1 and this can be taken advantage of-You might be impressed how quickly you can build profits even playing these small amounts

  We are keeping an eye out and gathering information about which casinos in Oklahoma may offer Play To Win/bubble Craps. If anyone has information to share about this game being in other area casinos that can be added here please email 


Kansas Star Bonus Craps

Kansas Star Bonus Craps  A short two hour drive north at the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane Kansas you will now find Bonus Craps.  you can bet that a series of numbers will roll before a 7.   All Small 2,3,4,5,6 and All Tall 8,9,10,11.12 pays 34 to 1 each. The All Bet which includes the All Small and All Tall numbers pays a whopping 175 to 1. You must get your bets in prior to the come out roll. If a seven is rolled on any come out the bet is lost and must be replaced until a point is established. If any other number rolls prior to getting a point it will count toward the Bonus Craps bet. This is a very exciting craps feature rarely found at area casinos. As of our last visit it seemed cloudy as to whether or not a line bet was required in order to place a Bonus Craps wager. It is our opinion that they will let it slide if a player is actively betting other areas of the game and they would only enforce a line bet if someone was only playing the Bonus Craps feature and nothing else. Betting a dollar or more on any one or all of the Bonus Craps bets can pay off big. Someone will roll all of the All Small or All Tall numbers more often that you may think and rather quite possibly roll All the numbers while your at the table. *When playing Bonus Craps be sure to remind the dealers to mark a number that has rolled if they neglect to do so. It is amazing how a table full of players will not notice when this happens.They have much to do so mistakes can and will happen. 

Oklahoma Area Casinos And Craps


Craps Tips And Advice

Helpful Advice For playing craps: 

Firstly always remember we are there to have fun!

1.The word "seven" should not be spoken while at the table. Many players are spooked by the word and if the table sevens out right after you say it your sure to get some dirty looks.

2. Never hand the dice back and forth between your hands. If you want to change hands then set them down first before grabbing them with the other hand.

3. Be careful not to let the dice hit your hand when a shooter rolls. If a seven rolls you will be considered the culprit. Once the shooter has his hands on the dice It's best not to place a late bet.  

4. When you walk up to a table it is courteous to wait until the puck is off to buy in. The dealer may say "Go ahead and throw your money down" but don't do it until the shooter hits his point or sevens out. Buying in at the wrong time can break a shooters rhythm.

5. If your playing the Don't Pass (wrong side) it is best not to celebrate loudly when the table sevens out. Remember the majority of players will be playing the right side and it is not advised to further irritate them.

6. Pay attention to your bets, dealers often neglect to pay a winning bet unless you remind them, also make sure they do not accidentally pay someone else your win. Also when you buy in you must watch your money and do not let the chips you purchased be given to the

 wrong player. 

   An  acquaintance who has a brother who is a former Blackjack dealer and now a Craps dealer in Shreveport Louisiana sometimes likes to try his luck at the Craps tables. Who better to ask than someone who spends his working hours as a witness to the game. His comment is the way he sees the game is that it is a matter of waiting for someone to have a hot roll. If your at a table for several hours a good chance exists that one of the shooters will get on a lucky streak and have an exceptionally long roll. This makes sense to me as I've noticed looking back over the years that the times when big wins occurred it took a couple of hours to build it up. Rushing it most often will not work. It can be a few good rolls during your time at the table as opposed to one great roll, but the point is that it is in my opinion a grind it out game in which gradual earnings come is a sensible style of play. This is also important advice for those who play the wrong side of the game (Don't Pass) A hot shooter can wipe a Don't player out. That is why as mentioned in a later section that it's crucial to limit your losses on any one shooter when playing this side of the game.

Taking the odds bet: When not rolling the dice Tags preference is to bet the Passline after the point is already established but then getting odds down behind your line bet is important; Double or triple odds is even better! The house has no advantage on the odds portion of your bet so regardless of which side of the game your on: Take and lay odds. This is how you will make good money when the game is going your way. 

:The fact that you can wait until the point is established and then lay a bet on the Pass Line with odds is unknown to many yet a great option.

Tag Master Oklahoma Craps in Oklahoma City-Roulette


Craps with real dice advice from Tag

As of July 31st 2018 the state of Oklahoma released regulations regarding ball and dice games. Around the middle of September 2018 the games began to go live around the state. Even though good options for Craps play exist locally,our favorite place to play and stay for Vegas style Craps & Roulette is 2 hrs north on I35 in Mulvane KS, The Kansas Star. Much like the wonderful hotel at the Grand Casino in Shawnee,the connected Hampton Inn at the Kansas Star Casino allows you to come and go freely to the casino which should be an important part of your strategy. If your not winning you should gel somewhere and come back later. Tag Master has been known to make more than six trips to the gaming floor per day when staying at the Hampton Inn Mulvane KS. Shown here and below is how Tag sets the dice. 

{6&3 up with the 5'stouching}   


Holding the dice

Many believe it a near impossibility and very rare for someone to have any control over the dice. If it boosts your confidence or seems to help then why not try? Variations of dice control can be found on the world wide web. Specific ways to set the dice are mentioned based on the objective. Youtube is a good resource and one can simply search dice control. Here is how they are held when Tag Master throws them. It does not matter if 6 or 3 is in the front. Make sure the 5s' touch, line them up perfectly, bend knees slightly, and spread feet a little. Having good balance is important. Once you raise them from the table about a foot high let them go preferably in one motion. throw the dice using your whole body. Feel it down to your toes. 

Dice trajectory and player position

Tags latest preference is to stand to the right of the stick person about half way down from the hook  (If left handed stand a few feet to the left of stick) Try throwing low and directly to the crevice at the other end of table. The less bounce and roll after minimal contact the better. If the dice fly up higher than a little over the rail that is too high. Our goal is to throw the same way from the same spot and pay attention to what numbers are rolling as you do this. Over time you may get a feel for what your likely to roll. Or mainly begin to avoid the seven. For Tag this technique help avoid the Seven  brings easy 10s (4-6), hard tens (5-5),  9s (5-4)',and some easy fours (3-1) along with horn numbers. You can try standing at various spots on the table. Really it probably won't matter how the hell you set the dice so long as you set them the same every time. Not just the same numbers up but remember to make the same numbers touch. The point is to figure out if you may have a tendency to roll certain numbers more often by setting them and throwing the same way from a given position and what works best for you. Just don't be surprised if this brings attention from the dealers. When the pit boss comes around near you and appears to be tidying up the empty bottles or ashtrays he is not there as your butler. He is looking to see if your up to something sneaky. This can also sometimes lead them to think you might be working with another player at table. This is fine and good as a little manipulation of the games rhythm and tempo might get you back some control they tend to dictate. Remember the casino always has home field advantage and they have the right at any time to say they no longer want your business.

Roulette Strategy


The Automated Roulette Wheel

By far the most exciting and fun Roulette wheel is at the Kansas Star in Mulvane KS. This is a real wheel under a glass dome that allows wagers as low as .50 with only a $2 minimum inside or out.

The automated Roulette wheel is completely dealer free and less the hassle of reaching over other players or waiting for the dealer to spin again. The game runs very smooth as your placing your wagers using the LCD touch screen at your seat. All the accolades go to the Kansas Star Casino for introducing this version of the game. *The latest news from Tag Master News is that Down Stream Casino in the S.E. Kansas area also has an Automated Roulette Wheel.


A strategy that keeps your odds of losing down

Now that you know about Tags Oklahoma craps in Oklahoma City it's time to learn about roulette. WWTD? Well what Tag would do when playing Oklahoma roulette in Oklahoma City or elsewhere is bet 2 numbers straight up and wait until one of those numbers wins. It does not matter which numbers you choose but again doing things the same way every time means that the two numbers you choose will be the numbers you always play. Tag plays the 0 & 00. The amount depends on your budget. On the bottom end of the spectrum a $1 bet is placed on both the two numbers you prefer. Remember if your covering 2 numbers your chance of winning each spin is 1-19.

In other words mathematically you will hit once every 19 spins however in the short term you may hit much more often or much less often. After a win you may want to increase bet size depending on how long it took to hit. Tags preference is to start at $4 on each number. And if nothing wins after 8 or 10 spins it's good to take a break. Basically your trying to win on one of your two numbers and then increase bet size of both with the profit & repeating with each timely subsequent win. If you feel like you have won an amount you would not want to lose or have done exceptionally well already you can try a few more spins but should take a break if it seems to be going cold on you. This is very important. Do not give back too much of good winnings............... Any number played straight up(wager right on the number) pays 35-1 so $5 can win $175 and $10 wins $350 minus the amount lost on your other number. 


Another Craps Tag Master Craps Strategy

This Craps strategy assumes the student has some basic knowledge of casino craps. Since you have now been introduced to Tags outstanding method for holding and throwing (not rolling) the dice go ahead and pitch them while betting the right side of the game. Get the 6 & 8 working with a pass line bet of about the same amount as the 6 & 8 combined. Also get a 3 way craps check to cover for a nasty craps roll on the come out. eg.$25 pass line with $12 -6 & $12 -8 (both working) & a 3 way craps check for $3. That's it now your playing Oklahoma craps like the expert Tag Master.  When your not throwing the dice and the table seems cold bet the don't pass followed by the don't come. Lay odds only only on 4 or 10 unless things start going really well. If any shooter causes you to lose two bets because he hit a number you were behind stop betting that shooter. This does not apply to shooters rolling a 7 or 11 while coming out or when your on the don't come.  Laying odds when a bet goes to 4 or 10 is advised but also get a hard 4 or 10 for insurance and hop it the easy way for insurance as well. As opposed to a hard ways insurance bet the 4 or 10 may be hopped hard, for example, $2 2&2 hop instead(pays 30-1=$60). Not all casinos allow hops which are very useful as hedge bets. 

Demo of Tags Don't Pass style

Playing either side of the game-Pass(betting the right side) or Don't Pass (betting the wrong side) can both make you a big winner. It just depends on which side is luck during your time at the table. My best point of advice regarding this is just to avoid being on both sides of the game at the same time. Pick one side or the other. The video here shows a Don't Pass betting progression.It also demonstrates how fast things move when playing craps and how fast fortunes change hands, It illustrates


Antes for Craps and Roulette

A  lot of Oklahoma casinos have had a long standing practice of charging  table games players a dollar ante or commission for every hand that is  played, Now that ball and dice games can be played in Oklahoma many  casinos have implemented the dollar ante for these games. Some casinos  only charge the fee during peak days while some never charge an ante.  With the game of craps it is of particular concern because many who play  this game do so because of the traditionally low house edge. Having to  pay a dollar ante on every craps come out roll means the most a player  can win on a $5 pass line bet is $4. This dramatically increases the  house edge.

Even if a natural winner  7 or 11 rolls on the come out or a losing 2,3, or 12 rolls your paying  another dollar every time until a point is established. Same thing on  roulette, pay a dollar before every spin. It is not required or can be  paid by the casino which is proven by the fact that all casinos in OK do  not require this ridiculous ante. Whether your a casual gamer or avid  gambler why not play in casinos that have the most favorable outcome for  you.

Refer to our casino list above which shows casinos that offer no ante games.

Gambling Lore


Way back in the day craps was called hazards because obviously it could present a financial hazard if not played responsibly. Nick The Greek a famous gambler from around the 1940s little known or published method for Craps was the Dont Pass followed by Dont Come laying full single odds. Part of his reason was that at least once a night some leaning dice would be called a 7 out.

Quotes From Nick Dandolos


 Nick The Greeks famous quotes "Remember this: The house doesn't beat the player. It just gives him the opportunity to beat himself." "It is time for me to let you go Mr. Moss"

 "The next best thing to gambling and winning is gambling and losing." 

 "Never bet on anything that can talk." 

Roulettes Creep Factor

One legend says the monk who created roulette committed suicide when he could not beat the game. Sometimes called the devils game: If you add up all of the numbers 1 thru 36 it equals 666.

Why Does'nt A Gambler Play

 A natural curiosity is to wonder why a gambling instructor or other would be self proclaimed gambling expert does not play for a living. The answer to this question is that experts know full well that the house has the full time advantage. Odds can only be overcome in the short term. The strategy outlined on this page will not always profit but gives a player a fair chance. By being consistent with our method of play we have a better opportunity for something really nice to happen. The point is to understand that not every trip will be lucrative but also bask in the glory when it all works out.

Certainly are good and not so good days.

Famous Russian Novelist

Famed Novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky began writing in his twenties around 1841. One of his famous works called 'The Gambler"  is a great read about a prominent old ladies obsession with hitting that blasted Zero that has become so elusive for her.  He  supported equal rights for the Russian Jewish population, which was an  unpopular position in Russia. He stated that he did not hate Jewish  people and was not antisemitic. He claimed that Jews might exert a  negative influence, but he advised the Tsar to allow them to occupy  influential positions such as university professorships. Read more about Dostoyevsky on Wiki  

When Dealers are swapped out

Many Card players like those who play Black Jack will tell you how they were doing great, maybe hundreds of dollars ahead until the house decided to change dealers. A lot of times if over half the shoe has been played the new dealer will re-shuffle. That is when it can turn cold since the face cards deck pattern has changed also. Maybe coincidence sometimes or something more nefarious depending possibly on casino size. In this situation it may be a good time to cash out and then resume play later.