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Tags most recent beefs are about food safety at restaurants, the so called opioid crisis, antes for craps and roulette, and more see the fascinating editorials below from award winning author Tag Master    

Restaurant Food Safety

Ever wonder "Where the heck did I catch this cold or flu?" As an avid restaurant patron and knowledgeable food critic it has come to my attention that in many diners the training of servers is not up to snuff.

Servers in many of our eateries including mid-range restaurants are allowing cross-contamination to occur.

One of the ways this is happening is by our servers not properly handling glasses by holding them near the bottom. Another way in which dangerous pathogens are potentially being transferred is by resting the tea pitchers on the glass during refills. Colds, the flu, hepatitis, and other illnesses can be unknowingly passed between diners when strict attention is not paid to these risks. You can observe your servers to monitor their food safety form however when refills are done at the back of house it is impossible to know if it is done correctly. Even though to some it is not as pleasurable using a straw, my advice is using a new straw after each refill. Finally I'd like to point out that it is odd how so often on cooking shows you will see a chef or group of cooks talk over the top of food. this is also not sanitary as saliva particles are sure to contaminate the meal. Many times servers are asking "did you order" or announcing the dish as they serve it while holding it right under their face.

As a helpful way to minimize the potential for this it is my suggestion that diners do not ask questions or engage the server until the plate has be placed on the table. These are ongoing problems that can only be solved when diners bring it to the attention of management. If a business is on the verge of losing your patronage it is nice to let the know why. If all else fails then only eat at places where best practices for food safety appear to be observed. On the same token it is good to let a business know what they are doing right. It can be less than comfortable to speak up but sometimes it is what we should do.

Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis we hear so much about groups heroin users and those who purchase street drugs right in alongside people who really need relief from pain. It is a tragedy when a life is lost in such a preventable way. Far too many have died from the overdose of opioids and losing a loved one can be unbearable. The reason a person dies from overdose basically boils down to a human body that forgets to breathe after a person falls to sleep after a dose that was too high. The organs become relaxed to the point that they do not function as a non-motor reaction. Many who suffer from legitimate chronic pain have been victims also. Patients who take prescription pain medicine as prescribed are having to pay the price for those who abuse these drugs. The abuse often occurs when illegally manufactured opioid like drugs are sold or when someone who has a prescription and sells their medication which end up in the hands of those who overdose. The danger is not to patients who follow the rules and stay with dosing at prescribed levels. The danger is primarily relegated to those who had no legal basis for purchasing these drugs to begin with. A knee jerk reaction  has put many who used these medications according to instructions in a dire situation. Some have resorted to purchasing illegal street drugs like heroin in order to cope with pain and withdraw symptoms. Obviously we have a problem but a more sensible reaction to resolving the issue is in order as opposed to demonizing basically everyone who uses these medications. Those taking prescription drugs responsibly are not the problem.     

Antes for Craps and Roulette

A lot of Oklahoma casinos have had a long standing practice of charging table games players a dollar ante or commission for every hand that is played, Now that ball and dice games can be played in Oklahoma many casinos have implemented the dollar ante for these games. Some casinos only charge the fee during peak days while some never charge an ante. With the game of craps it is of particular concern because many who play this game do so because of the traditionally low house edge. Having to pay a dollar ante on every craps come out roll means the most a player can win on a $5 pass line bet is $4. This dramatically increases the house edge.

Even if a natural winner 7 or 11 rolls on the come out or a losing 2,3, or 12 rolls your paying another dollar every time until a point is established. Same thing on roulette, pay a dollar before every spin. It is not required or can be paid by the casino which is proven by the fact that all casinos in OK do not require this ridiculous ante. Whether your a casual gamer or avid gambler why not play in casinos that have the most favorable outcome for you.

See our Gambling Page for the list of non-ante based casinos

End Of 2018 Updates

Things can change in blink of an eye. Looking back at some of our news stories we see for example that the Fuze had closed and is now open again under the new name "Feast". The selection of food at the Feast is not as good as before but many are just happy they are back. We also reported that no Smoke-able Mary Jane would be sold in Oklahoma dispensararies which was quickly booted out the door in favor of smoke clouds.

CNN reported recently that:Undocumented Workers Take Jobs Others Don't Want 

We here at Tag Master News have a little problem with that. Firstly if the jobs had a fair compensation package and were not being done for bargain basement wages and scarce or no benefits American workers would do those jobs. Secondly no amount of rhetoric excuses anyone for knowingly and willingly breaking the laws as they pertain to immigration. With all that being said, yes we do have a lot of  lost souls who would rather take fake disability or get a welfare check than to stop smoking marijuana, get clean, and get off their butts to find a descent job.

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Best Steak In Oklahoma City Award

The 2018 award for best Oklahoma City steak goes to to Interurban NW. The 14 oz. IU Classic Ribeye imported daily from Texas is our top choice for being cooked perfectly with amazing flavor and texture as well as as the perfect ribbon ratio. The Interurban is not strictly billed as a steakhouse,but  you can get a great steak here at a reasonable price that rivals all others.The service is excellent with great ambiance.

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Health And Wellness

Tag Master News in Oklahoma City knows there's a lot at stake if you become ill. The flu and cold season represents a time when we must be extra vigilant so,Tag Master News is sharing this helpful advice. * When eating at a buffet style eatery it is best practice to wash your hands before eating-after serving yourself using the same utensils as others.[you could as an alternative take along surgical type rubber gloves] *It is also good to use a straw to drink beverages since many servers are known to rest serving containers such as a tea pitcher on your glass. This is very poor form that results in cross contamination.

When eating at upscale establishments we avoid some of the cross-contamination issues that arise when servers bus tables or fill drinks. High end restuarants have bussers & dedicated drink refill personnel who are highly trained. Red Robin recently eliminated bus boys at all locations in order to offset minimum wage increases that began in many states. This raises the risk since servers certainly will not be washing hands after clearing dirty dishes. Red Robin has not responded to T.M.N. about questions regarding this.

IF YOU ARE A SERVER OR RESTAURANT MANAGER WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING ADVICE so that customers can see you are top notch. 1. Ask that servers not rest pitchers on customers glasses and never grab the glass arounfd the rim. 2. Supply rubber gloves to customers who will self serve. 3. Ask that servers do not talk over food while serving it and if a customer asks a question during serving simply set the plate down first then answer the question. 4. Ask that servers not touch face,hair, or bite finger nails etc. and if noticed doing so ask them to wash hands immediately. 5. Do not allow servers to eat during their shift. This story is sponsored by Aerial Image & Digital Media Consultant Aerial Photography in Oklahoma City 

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